Acrylic Painting


Always on My Mind 2017

60 x 70 cm

My painting technique in influenced by graphic art. I use acrylic colour and applied onto the canvas until the surface becomes smooth as possible. Leaving out irrelevant details, the forms are simplified to capture only the essence of them.

This painting features images of King Rama IX of Thailand and the Queen in 1950s when they began the journey throughout the world together to make Thailand known internationally. The King passed away in 2016, the same year this painting was done, and done out of my sadness but still hoping to send out strength to people who were likeminded, people who felt the loss. Through the process, it brought out my perseverance, and eventually the compassionate will to help others, just like He did to the country. 



50 x 70 2015


Design for the Community  project: Tai Song Dam craft

60 x 70 2015


Digital Print on Fabric

Design for the Community  project: Nang Lerng old community

Prototype scarf 90 x 90  2018

Nang Lerng is an old community in Bangkok dated back more than a hundred years ago. Once was the centre of highlight in Bangkok - first to held Western entertainments including equestrian culture - Nang Lerng nowadays is left dying.

This work was part of the Faculty project to promote communities using art and design as tools. As a ‘living museum’ of cultural turning point of Thailand, I chose this community to retell its glory, to make known the architectural significance, and to help save the community as it is under ongoing risk of complete effacement due to urban development and public infrastructure projects.