Mothering Mari

This  series expresses the mothering moments captured using mobile phone as an instant record of passing contingency reflecting the non artificial mothering and humanly moments from the eye of a real mother. The photos then become the source for drawing, both digitally and etching technique as they are raw and true to the feeling of the moment just like taking a photograph. 

          This artwork, Mother and Child, is the first I drew in this series illustrating the peaceful moment between a mother and her child in a real, relaxed manner in opposition to male-gazed and aestheticised portrayals.


Save the Dream

Digital drawing and bookbinding 2017

On 13th October 2016, King Bhumibhol of Thailand had passed away. 

The country became silent and all I could hear was the cry of the people which was as much loud as mine.

         That night, to console myself, I did not know what to do except to draw, hence this series of 19 digital drawings. Accompanied by my retelling the history of each image, they tell stories about the King as a human being with heart, his thoughts and actions throughout. I would like to tell the story of a person who is become loved by millions not by title, but by living his life and legacy.

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